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What are you talking about gentlemen? Must-Have Boots Standout boots for autumn, with comfort in every step Shop now. Unless of course, when you say libertarian, you just mean the Occupy Wall Street brand that simply wants to burn down the system in order to implement their marxist utopia. We are so LUCKY to have such an excellent site such as this that allows all of us some much leverage with what we say.

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Agl Attilio Giusti Leombruni. Aquatalia by Marvin K. B by Brian Atwood. Carlos By Carlos Santana. Charles by Charles David. Circus by Sam Edelman. Cl By Chinese Laundry. Derek Lam 10 Crosby. DV by Dolce Vita. Isaac Mizrahi New York. Keds for kate spade new York. Kenneth Cole New York. Marc By Marc Jacobs. Marc Joseph New York. MM6 Maison Martin Margiela. Moschino Cheap And Chic. Neiman Marcus Made in Italy. Oscar de la Renta. Steven By Steve Madden. I did buy a crank radio.

After cranking for 10 minutes and listening for 5 minutes, I went and bought batteries. I have two Kaito KA units that work much better than that. Just get or make a real antenna Amazon or internet. I have a clamp-on lighter socket so I can use a car battery. I guess you want me to care about your kids?

For the most part, that is the greatest theft in human history… the looting of the USA by the mooch class and their pin-headed politician buddies. Oh, yeah, the banksters and the elites are in there grabbing with both hands too… as usual. Just remember that rechargable ni-cad and LiOn batteries have a definite shelf life even unused and a number of possible charges. Ni-Mh aka Eneloop batteries are the current favorite due their more stable chemical nature than li-on the next favorite.

Eneloops are what we stock up along with redundant chargers that can both trickle charge and not over charge as well as condition the batteries. The hell with the environment.

The enviro groups are real terrorists — shut down coal plants, shut down pipelines, restrict land use, protect the spotted owl,the freaken snail darter, Agenda Time to take out the sierra club, green peace, and all the other eco-terror outfits.

Sorry if I sound a little extreme, but I am just over all of this crap. We need a one child policy and massively increased gas prices and harsh zoning laws restricting people from building anything.

Heh, I started out being over this crap! And with the Gray State trailer, that is so psyops. I am working and so is the wife, but after bills and general expenses, not a lot left over. When there is a bit left, it goes into preps. Hope that you get through this and on to better times soon. I carried all of that crap in the Airborne for a long time and majority of it is of no use to you other than identifying you as a threat.

If you have read any of the Falco accounts about Bosnia He states the tough guys with all the gear where the first ones to get hit. Obviously, take out the threat first. I like your shtf list and wish I had some of the more pricey items on it.

Plastic riffles are just so dam expensive for what you get , a semi auto bit bigger than a 22cal looks cool but jams a lot weapon. Now as far as PMs go Im about as ignorant as it gets but I did buy my very first oz of silver from JM Bullion monday night, got to start somewhare right. Figure I should support the shtf plan advertizers and get goin on the physical stacking. If JM works out then I see getting more involved, we shall see. He also stated that everyone with expensive houses with security systems were the first to be looted, and your only chance is to look like you dont have anything worth stealing.

Thats what I meant Selco and yeah that was his take on it look like you got nothing and your not worth bothering with. Be the grey man. The guy obviously knows what hes talking about, hes been there done that and got the t shirt. His SHTFschool is a wealth of great info and I appreciated reading his account, a very horrible reality check. It was disturbing to hear him say man alone has no chance, since I dont have a prepper community where I am.

The neighbors are ignorant idiots. With your prepps, when the shtf, you will find all the friends your ever gonna need, I would venture to say you will be the most popular person for miles.

Help will be cheap and easy to find, figuring out how to trust em and train em is gonna be the hard part. Ive just turned 3yrs at this prepping game and I talk to everyone I know about prepping, now after 3 yrs I know less than half a dozen folks that I would call preppers.

However everyone knows Im one, opsec, whatever, when the crowd starts gathering at my front door, and it will, I plan on building a community of hand picked Constitutional Libertarians. They say blue is good for a blood trail, and the military has recently switched to green as the best balence between maintenance of night vision and ability to see. It is very blurry and cannot be focused. Also, even with the attached IR flashlight, the max usable range is no more than yards.

Not to worry, Scott. Your money has not been wasted or spent. It has been converted into REAL assets that can be converted back to cash at need. This is no different from buying gold, silver, land, or tools. THEY have these coins for sale right now. All these Eagles have NOT been sold at a retail level.

Nope, they sell regular uncirculated eagles too. From what I understand you are correct, and thought the same thing when I read the article.

However, it does indicate interest in metals is picking up. However, they are readily available on the market at lower prices. Gold eagles, however, are getting harder to come by. They will be available again in April from the mint. I agree with what some have said here, in that the time to buy guns and metal may have passed.

Time to focus on the basics that may have been overlooked. Food, water, heat, parts, canning supplies, seeds, tools.

Garage sale season is around the corner. I did my time in the infantry, and have an affection for black rifles, but suspect they will make you a target if the time comes that you carry one outside the house.

They are also more practical for hunting. Still good deals out there on law enforcement trade in Glocks with 15 round mags. I picked up some. Go against the crowd when buying. I do have a Glock model 22 in. Ammo is still in good supply here. Did some checking, and can be found, so I may go with that. My Mom planted 6 of those hummers and the entire neighborhood was awash in her free zucchini.

Hey… I wonder if they could be fermented and used to make fuel ethanol? If so, there might be a LOT of gallons of fuel in those 24 plants! Same here with the. I ordered 18 10 cans last week and received them in 5 days. KY- try the Mormons. I will add the link below. They sell hard red wheat, white wheat, flour, rice, quick oats, and pinto beans in 10 cans, by the case. There are 6 10 cans in each case. They also sell oxygen absorbers, dry pak pouches, water filtration bottles, water filters, and some other basic items.

See the link below. Nice link KY Mom just ordered the starter kit and from what I see I dont think you can beat the price with stick. Have you tried anything from Augason Farms yet?

They seem to have great prices and the products all have good reviews. Walmart is now selling Augason Farms on their web site great prices and you dont have to buy by the case.

But, my daughter tried some sample packs from a bucket and said they were very good. Their 10 cans of dried whole eggs and 10 cans instant dry milk and the 10 pound pails of potato slices were the best prices I could find around here. If I remember right, after doing all the math on contents, weight and calories per ounce it came out to around calories a day.

I loved it when they were saying Gold is not money.. I thought to myself.. A lot of that cash went into the equities. This is the equivalent of people buying a single ounce of gold. What is all the hype about? This is the same kind of fear mongering the government does.

Learn some new tactics. I guess if you say it enough it will come true. I would suggest you stock up on lead and be prepared to sling it when the SHTF. Economic collapse is not a war zone. That is more realistic. It happens every time and is unavoidable. Desperate people will call for confiscatory taxes; more government programs and such.

After socialism sets in its very difficult to cut it out. Our side politically is not going to be victorious here. Why do you keep correcting grammer and spelling? It really comes across as petty. If I live I have not lost. If I die free I have won. Not posible for me to lose, sorry about you. I sort of agree with you on this. Most Americans are not paying attention. If you talk about it, they think you are a kook. Most will get caught by surprise. Thus, you are right. As time goes, we are very ripe for a dictator.

Socialism could get ushered in this way full time when the collapse occurs. You will see confiscation of land, homes, and monies. I believe it is coming because there are just too many people depending on the Govt for their financial and food needs.

LoL these are the ppl who will be looking for my group when shit hits and we moved out, once the jobs are gone we are moving out. Welcome to the Community.

A job for everyone and everyone to their job. The people screaming for socialism will shit when they see the REAL face of socialism. So many people think. The money river will resemble an intermittently flowing stream.

Do not be suprized if all this Exact Same talking points repeated Today that we all heard 7? In order to keep track of 11 million illeagles really million is likly we Must have EVERY usa citizen logged into National worker data base computers.

This way zero undocumented Illeagle mexicans and others will be able to hold a job unless they are in the FED ID computer systems. And again when you sell it, if prices remain steady as recently they have, you again lose more to sell it. Or break even Minus the orig Loss in buying.

If today you Buy food or guns or gasoline or whatever you get the full value of each us dollar. Even those with alot of wealth if scenarios I outlined occure nothing will do us any real good except the total Defeat by Us of Them.

I hate to sound pessimistic. But think it thru and compare to Prior gold bans etc, along with so many other Todays bans or attempts to ban most all we do own think be or desire to do or be…This time it will be different than all past times I think.

Sure hope I am wrong. If any tried to go it alone to keep own wealth or whatever…I doubt they lasted very long. Not the entire population of other Non believers. We soon may see such scenarios repeated. There is every indication that it WILL continue to rise in purchasing power. Soon,you may not be able to even get it easily. The French Revoultion had more to do with food as did the Arab Spring. High food prices and gas. Gas will be at least twice that, IF you can get any.

Police, military, and emergency vehicles will have priority on any gas that is available. Once they have what they need, the rest will be sold to the public and most likely by auction.

So… just how bad do you need some gas? Cash is king during economic collapse. If you must have gold, it is better to have gold jewelry than coins or bars…less conspicuous. Credit cards companies will certainly be down. You need to get all your supplies and equipment before you mess with this gold and silver stuff. That is priority one.

And I agree—get basic survival supplies first along with a stand alone power source. People say solar panels dont work but they sure will if you know what youre doing and you dont expect the same performance as is the case with electricity.

One reason young people like me find the libertarian party of interest is because of the combination of conservatism with liberal interests like organic agriculture, environmentalism, social justice, etc. I have off grid solar—the generators are for those long cloudy periods we get. Use propane ones—the fuel stores indefinitely.

Social justice and environmentalism as practiced by the left in this country are both code for redistribution of wealth. Unless of course, when you say libertarian, you just mean the Occupy Wall Street brand that simply wants to burn down the system in order to implement their marxist utopia. Occupy wall street is the exact same movement as the tea party, they just dont understand economics.

You need to embrace and cultivate them. You have to embrace social justice I can tell you dont even know what the term means in order to rebuild after the collapse, a healthy middle class is necessary for a Republic. Yea, I do know what s. All you need to look at is the past or so years. OWS and the TP are both insurrections against our monetary system.

Its just that OWS people dont know what theyre talking about. My version of redistrubution of wealth involves ending the FED and instituting harsh protectionist policies. To great a divide between rich and poor leads to a banana republic. We desperately need redistribution of wealth. Your libertarianism is only as deep as burn down the system to implement your social justice redistribution of wealth BS marxist utopian dreams.

Why doncha lay out just exactly how you accompish redistribution of wealth if you believe in the smallest govt possible, for instance, the type of govt our founders established. How exactly does that happen? Basically, You epitomise the left. It is called economic liberty, and is the only way a free society can prosper. The cost is prohibitive, and when I think of buying food or garden tools vs. Power, while great to have, is not necessary.

I need the net for work. Daisy, I just got my first solar set up and am learning lots. I timed it right and was able to double, then triple the investment. This in turn allowed me to get the prepping into high gear. I too prepped with the concept of no power. Is your solar set-up geared specifically just for a small amount of power or is it a bigger system to run stuff like your lights and fridge?

So far, just a small amount…light for hours, computer or small refrigerator for 34 hours and 13 inch tv for 84 hours on a full battery charge. I just got it a week ago and so far have only run 2 of these combinations at a time on a full charge. So far so good. Only 90 watts and two 75 amp batteries. As money allows I hope to keep expanding. The hour of run time is for 1 fully charged battery. NO way you will get that much usage from a 90w, 2 small battery system!!!

It will automatically cut them out of the loop once they get to around Keep them on a trickle charger, a 5 better 10 watt panel per battery should keep them topped off, or a wall charger. If you have 2 batteries at 75 amp hours then you have 75 amp hours, not The higher your voltage the better BTW, a 24v set up is more efficient than a 12V and a 48v set up is better still. You want a pure sine high efficiency inverter or youre just wasting your power and risking any electronics you attach to it.

But it can also paint a very big target on your back in a true SHTF scenario. You have to weigh your pros and your cons. But as Daisy does, keep an eye toward not having any power and making plans on how to deal with it.

We keep spare charge controllers and inverters wrapped in rubber inside ammo boxes. The panels themselves should be safe as will the batteries. I went through the exact same thought process when it comes to power.

Power is a luxury and expensive as well. Once I felt I had ample food stores and my security needs were met I again reexamined power. I ultimately decided to purchase a propane generator becasue there almost a propane tank in every back yard and propane stores indefinately. I also bought a small diesal generator because diesal lasts much longer than gasoline and a lot of diesal generators can run off old oil waste product like cooking oils found at restaurants and grease traps.

You can also render animal fat into a fuel which can be run on the generator as well. In addition to solar I purchased a hand crank and bicycle cranked permanent dc magnet generator from WindstreamPower.

These alternators just like in your car will work forever as long as somebody is there to crank them. I charge rechargeable A, AA and D batteries with it and you could also use it to charge vast arrays of batteries using car batteries and deep cycle batteries. The possibilities are endless. Lastly I strongly feel that if you prepare to live without power by default you will be prpared for almost every other SHTF scenario. I am still dealing with the shingle healing. One place was 3 in by 2 in and is slow in healing.

It was quite deep. I never did find the coconut oil because I was limited mobility wise. I tried a bunch of other stuff and found Benzocaine to really help with the pain. A thick layer of old timey Zinc oxide worked well with the blistering, protection of wound and drying out the sores. Scott, that is not what my experience has been so far. HisArmsWide, thanks for your useful advice and insight. I did get a good charge controller with a digital readout.

I bought the watt sine inverter a couple of years ago in anticipation of eventually getting all the pieces together. I did go with deep cycle batteries from Northern Freight. So far I have been able to easily recharge both batteries within a day. We get lots of sun in Denver and I was able to position them in a good location. I still have lots to learn but so far so good. I agree about the wisdom of buying gold jewelry.

Less likely on jewelry. Coin shops frequently buy jewelry at just below melt and sell it at just over. Cash is trash if the dollar does crash. Keep your lips pressed together about what you have.

Hide it, secure it, and only bring out a little at a time when needed. Our order of priority is was water, food, shelter, first aid, defense, barter goods including PMs. Yeah, this is a good sign. To counter though, the paper traders will simply create more paper to offset the value, whereby stabilizing the silver and gold markets as they have been doing for years. The Sweetbay food stores in Florida are closing a bunch of locations. I have one of those not far from my house. So, while the indicator of yet another chain of stores dying and more people losing jobs, when you see the events occur, please take advantage of the situation and add to your inventory.

The store is closing with or without your buying anything, so you may as well get what you can. Although, I did feel a bit like a vulture.

Yes, for a few more days. Only thing is, the pickings are real slim by now. The parking lot has been mobbed all day. It was a rip-off! Just make sure you know what the regular price is. There is one K-Mart left near me. Walking in is like going through a time warp. It looks just like K-Mart did when I was a kid in the 70s. Surprisingly, nothing was marked up in Sweetbay, they just wanted to liquidate.

All I got is a storage unit full of stuff canned food, etc. No money for much. I hope that the good Lord sees you through this difficult time in your life. I will pray for you my friend. Do you have skills that are of value? I bet you can find someone, or group you could help in trade for a place to hunker down at. Sorry to hear that. And yet, there IS money to be made this way. Sharpen your investing skills. Use the profits to fund your preps. It is possible, just not easy. It would be nice if we had an insider that could let us know what this was all about.

Anonymous should be using their skills to get this kind of information out of government databases instead of just hacking the front page and posting a message. Anything they could get would be a helluva lot better than what we have now, which is nothing. Never try and guess what others are doing, Never try and figure out what their next move is, Always figure out what your going to do when they make a move..

Sorry, but I think this is terrible advice. Yes one should always be prepared to respond to anything, but having intel beforehand is priceless. Sadly,it is really tough to get reliable info. Gov lies and common folks are often blind ,misinformed or stupid. Maybe you just missed my point bud.. The point being of course Anon is working behind the scenes.

The real question is are you? I would not even try to figure out what you are thinking, I would rather spend my time prepare for any moves that would be made. Hence his focus on the important word….

I hate when you read my mind. Oh yeah got your e-mail brother i had to make some changes so you will be seeing a new addy. The problem is that everyone does that and while it can at times glean useful data as to people or intentions, it is hardly concrete intel. Main stream media tells us what the government wants us to hear. I would prefer to be able to decide at all times what and how much I can handle for myself.

I am certainly not willing to cede knowledge to those who proclaim to know how to better handle it, when I have the option being the key factor here. There has definitely been a change in the air since Sandy Hook, people are coming to the realization that we are being played like patsys, and they are beginning to get angry.

My tv goes on to watch a hockey game, yes, yes, it is a politically incorrect sport, but I still love the game, then I shut the tv OFF.

Seeing people going snake shit for gold and silver is definitely an indicator, an indicator that people who have absolutely no idea what to do are trying to do something, anything, and that in itself is a good thing. This could blow up in their faces, Big-Time. Most people do not like being played. The media is attempting to do that and it is rubbing awfully thin these days. There are so many unanswered questions about SH and no one in the media seems interested in answering them.

All I know is that the info that came out of SH was remarkably skimpy and unlike any other similar event, yet these very odd events are not being investigated or explained. In so many ways America has passed the point of no return, and its citizens will be brutally punished before they awaken to the reality of their situation, problem is..

Cash is nothing more than a fancy piece of paper to wipe your ass with after a collapse. Barter was common initally but quickly abated in favor of cash, people were not using metals to pay for things at stores, and there were no credit cards working.

Cash was still king. According to the book about Surviving in Argentina after the Economic Collapse 14k gold jewelry became the currency of choice with a black market forming around it. The official government sources traded gold for currency at far too high of a value for the currency.

People tend to use what they have. A currency crash where the value of the money goes to zero because no one has any faith in it anymore would be a MUCH worse problem. In this scenario, barter goods would be king, including PMs. Being that our cash is made from recycled denim it could be re-recycled into jeans and clothing again, haha. When the power fails and banks close cash will be king—for a while. Maybe then they can stop looking down their long noses at currency, gold, and silver. Holy crap, that has never happened here!

Its even so bad that the reloading stores are limiting primers to 1 box of a thousand per customer, 1 lb can of powder per customer,and good luck finding 22cal bullets. On a brighter side Tx has ask some of the gun makers and ammo producers to move here.

They are even offering tax breaks on property and lines of credit to all that move here. It has not been made public yet, however some old money men here to me the state may end up backing these firms with state dollars.. Anticipate the next shortage of whatever, and stay ahead of it. It took me aback to actually here that term applied to these times.

They first dropped the listings for sometime after Christmas, then the 5. I was just notified that it is now backordered until May Lights Out is one of my favorite book. I have passed it around to 6 or 7 people to read.

I think it paints a pretty realistic picture of what we may come to expect. When the collapse came, they referred to it as The Crunch. Some calibers are not even listed. In the first election that they used them in, Richard Daley won by a landslide. So what happens when b. At least you could know they have no right to confiscate your private property.

Drill some holes in those little gold bars, put them on a chain and call them a necklace! As far as I am concerned, it is kinda just like the gun thing. Black market here I come. Sorry had to do it, with all the corrections you have been making lately. I agree that the Constitutional grounds for his action seem pretty shaky but if it was not challenged then no case came before the USSC and the matter never came up.

Back in those days, Americans trusted their government and their leaders to do the right thing. Most of the time, they did.

It is not that way anymore. Trust is not given, it is earned… and recent governments have not earned that trust. We will follow when well led but not when coerced, pushed, or threatened.

The current regime has not figured this out yet. They will but will likely make several more big blunders until then. They also need to learn that just because they lead does not mean we will follow… as some are now saying… not one more inch!

IF nothing happens then inflation is still going to hit, and precious metals PAY. Real value of the stock market stinks still. I think that what you need everyday is essential to have, but it is not a bad idea to stock up on some pieces of silver for later just in case the food and other supplies is not immediately needed. Now I would like to say something about this site and the recent asinine comments by these trolls.

On this one site you have to literally french kiss the fat ass of the owner to not be censored. In other words if your words are not totally enduring, sickening lollipop type comments, you are considered bashing and your comments are trashed. This site is cool, we can express ourselves and be angry at the government or other reasons.

On other sites like the one I was totally banned from, you have to walk on eggshells to get a comment through. I did on this site because in my opinion it was harming people, this advice. The psychiatric owner of the site did not like that I did not agree totally with the article and I guess it was considered that I was bashing the article.

This would never happen on this site because Mac has much intelligence and enjoys freedom of speech, especially viweing different viewpoints on a manner. What is even worse is when someone on other sites is extremely critical of the government censorship, and then moderates everything that someone says that is not totally kiss their butts.

Forget about ever commenting on anything like this that is not completely for salesmanship of the products. What is even more amusing that while this site has hundreds of comments, this other site and some others are lucky to get to get two or more comments. Their sites putter around ranked barely in the on survival sites. I am expressing myself like this because I am ticked off at the jackass that banned me from their site and then says how terrible government censorship is.

What a total hypocrite. Also because of these trolls that are not grateful for wonderful sites like SHTFplan that are so giving and allowing for people to talk and express themselves. There are so few sites out there like SHTFplan that truly let people talk, that have not become like this survival site I was banned from that has good material on it but practices government censorship on it and ruins it. Just a little thought that we should all appreciate this site SHTFplan very much, because there are some really rotten sites out there.

Mac is the man. When you try very hard to help people with what you know, and you have someone with something up their ass delete what you were trying to do to make sure that others did not suffer from the recent health fads that are dangerous, it is very frustrating and disgusting that these other sites are on the web and call themselves free thinking and open. This why I so much encourage anyone here to please not ruin this site for everyone else by spewing out troll like garbage like joker in NC and some select others do.

We are so LUCKY to have such an excellent site such as this that allows all of us some much leverage with what we say. BO and the government would love to get rid of sites like this that are about free thought.

You always strive to be helpful and you give so much valuable information. I am shocked also because I offered information from several health sources and how dangerous it can in large amounts. I know two people that I probably saved their lives by stopping them from using coconut oil in excess.

These two people each had strokes, and after I warned them of coconut oil, both of their heads cleared and their thought processes came back. The laric acid is wonderful germ agent but linked to clogged arteries. Balch, CNC and J. Balch, MD warn extensively about coconut oil. The recent fad of the benefits from coconut oil was done almost entirely from the Philippines, one of the number one exporters of coconuts.

Movie theatres use coconot oil for their popcorn to make that famous smell. It was equated that the amount of saturate fat in a small popcorn cooked in coconut oil was equal to 2 Big Macs. It is bad for you, but if a person chooses to use it this is their choice entirely. I was just trying to point out all these health facts over it. I also pointed out that coocnut producing nations have some of the lowest life expectancy rates of the world.

So consuming coconuts did nothing to improve life time rates, if anything it caused a shorten life rate. Oz would have a real debate over this with me, but I just know that people that have at least eased up on the coconut oil that have not suffered health catastrophes feel better and their thinking process improves remarkably.

I do understand that virgin coconut oil theory that it is suppose to be safe. However I say firsthand someone that was quite trim use this daily and then get blasted with a stroke. The best oils to cook with are the following: Olive, canola, walnut, safflower, avocado, almond, sesame and flax seed. The worst are Coconut, peanut, palm, palm kernel, cottonseed, and of course the animal based and crisco. Again, if someone wants to deep fry twinkies and enjoy them, this is their choice.

I just wanted to present my case to help people make their own choice and I was deleted. In fact I was deleted thereafter because I was not kissing the walrus scum boot feet of the owner of the site. I just want to show people a different viewpoint based on statistics.

Oz comes on and says eat as much coconut oil as you want, and the World Almanac shows what happens to coconut consuming people like in the Philippines where the average male lives Another coconut producing country is Samoa, the male life rate there is Almost all coconut producing countries have male live expectancies under 70 years and the females are below As you can see this is simple an argument based on logic and raw math.

I was banned for months after this and was not even allowed to participate in any discussions. It was also because I did not want to give out my email address. I gave up using email after two viruses fried two of my computers, even with Norton protection. Two other viruses made for expensive repair. It is awful to see your computer go belly up, twice.

This pissed off the owner also that I just wanted to protect my computer. I am glad not to have to walk on eggshells anymore anyway. I did enjoy giving survival people ideas, and the articles posted are sometimes quite good and do good for others. The commenting process is what totally sucks on the site. I really want to compare a very bad survival site for expressing yourself to this very excellent site for commenting. We should not ever take for granted this site and appreciate the openness.

This is why I become so pissed off when trolls attack people here, because it is such a good site and a rare one. The success shows from hundreds of comments each article to a pantry couple if these other sites that censor people like some government does. By the way Daisy, thank you for all you do, in fact thank you to everyone that spends their time to try to aid others to prepare in what is coming.

I was banned from people seeing my comments for months, but I could still send comments in which the owners of the site could then delete them. What irriatated me so much was that recently I was totally banned from sending any ideas on preparation or anything else. I thought that I could do some good by sending the site some ideas on preparation for what is coming to this world. This was the true insult that said, shut up you creep to me.

This just made me appreciate the freedom of this site that much more so. Now, I have to respectfully disagree with you regarding the coconut oil. People often underestimate the need for fat in a truly healthy diet.

That being said, moderation is the key. I use virgin organic coconut oil in place of butter and shortening in nearly all baking recipes. It is far healthier. It also has many excellent topical uses and when combined with another oil, like olive, makes a fantastic base for healing ointments. The key, in my opinion, is to use d-oil moderately, like you should use any type of fat. Use it in place of other fats in your diet, not along with them.

I was referring to the treatment you received from the owner of the other site. That is what is a constructive debate is about, different points of views. I have seen firsthand what coconut oil does to the body. It is excellent anti-viral and anti-bacteria, but when consumed in excess it leads to heart attack and stroke. I go by the coconut eaters of the Caribbean and other tropical zones and their life expectancy is dramatical lower than other countries.

In my opinion and other health people I know it is not good for you. The other oils are, as lauric acid is linked to clogged up arteries. I have seen firsthand people that have used it for years experience all sorts of heart related problems and then when they ceased it, they got better. By the way the life expectancy for Thailand is Fat is important granted, but the right type of fat.

I am just going by the World Almanac book of facts that shows people in coconut countries have drastically lower life expectancies. Coconut has not saved them for longer lives, if anything it has shorten their lives. It is one thing to debate an issue, and it is another thing to ban someone from communicating because they did not like what was said. This is besides the point. You are correct, no one deserves to be treated like this because they present a differing point of view.

When someone presents a logical agrument then both parties use their minds to think out what was said and a postive exchange of thoughts happens.

This is what is called a peckerhead that has to be right all the time and anyone calling him for a mistake or a different opinion is simply censored. This sucks and what was bothering me so deeply, and why I wanted everyone to aprreciatwe this site where freedom is king.

Oh Daisy, thank you again for coming to my defense, you are all right in my book. You are on the money regarding some crackpot sites, and yes every once in a while it is good to be reminded of how fortunate we are to have a site like this that is firmly rooted in freedom.

Also please keep the seismic activity reports coming, I am always amazed how you can pick up on clues that others may miss, not to mention your accuracy is phenomenal. It seems like some sites were constructed and maintained not to educate, but to make money. The owners of many of these sites could care less about preppers or survivalist, all they want is our money.

BE Informed, your not from this country are you? Where were you born? Have you stated where you were born and i missed it? I am an American citizen born in the United States. I have watched the country I was born in decay in all facets. I have watched the leaders become worse and worse. I have seen the people stop caring about anything other than whom wins Dancing with the Stars. I have seen most people become total mental sloths.

I have the maverick way of thinking that was so much more common decades ago in the U. Thankfully there are still some people left that have not been poisoned by society, this type of people are the ones on this site. We can get all liquored up Saturday night and do a drive by.

This person still operates a site that provides some really good information on prepping, it is just the comment regulations that royally suck. I always try to aim for the better good, and any survival site that gives us information that can better prepare us all, it is serving the purpose.

If not, at least they provided valuable survival tips that we all can use. This is why I get some ticked off at joker in NC and finx and other trolls that just come on to this site and are total liabilities.

These butt whiffs irritate people and cause people to refocus their attention away from what is very important. I have asked these pimples on the asses of life to please contribute something or at least be respectful of the site, the readers, and Mac. Instead they spew out vulgar abuse like a backed up toilet. These characters are what we need to get rid of. It is getting worse and worse each day and I just hope everyone is really preparing mentally for the day when life changes abruptly into the direction that most of us have been trying to prepare for.

BI… there is a chart available on the Internet that tells us all we need to know about the stock market. It is a chart of the Dow 30 Industrials, as denominated in gold. Basically, it shows how many ounces of gold it takes to buy a share of the Dow 30 stocks. This chart does not show the rosy picture that the chart of the Dow 30 vs. Hmmm… why is that? Could it be because the US dollar is one sick puppy that is so weak it is making stocks look better than they really are?

Why, yes, it could! All previous recessions ended with a large jump in domestic output and employment. Nope, very little is being created in this funny-money economy, either as goods or as wages.

This is not a real economy. It is a smoke and mirrors, house of cards economy fueled by monopoly money that is printed up out of thin air in virtually unlimited amount. It is then used to buy real things, so of course there is a huge separation between the prices of what is real and what is not.

This is a lot of the reason why gold and silver are priced so low. It was really just the warm-up act. Although it is very difficult to know when the real crash will come, my best guess is that it will be in and it will be a real doozie.

It will make the s look like the good old days by comparison. Of data, I have none. Of experience in the market, I have much. But the odds of not having a huge crash in the next couple of years seems remarkably low. We should just let some female Mexicans in to be our concubines.

Theyre cheap and easy. And they dont take up much space. The wealth inequality in this country only exists because the government is propping it up that way. With small government, a natural redistribution of wealth will occur. I find it incredibly fishy and coincidental that this shooting happened to a recent public figure in the midst of an assault on our firearms.

Would I be going off the deep end if I said this could have been an assassination, or purposeful assault for the purpose of passing tighter gun regulation? Here is a snippet from the article: Pendleton — an honors student, volleyball player, and majorette at King College Prep — was shot at a park just blocks away from her school. GK… I am ashamed to say I thought these very dark things as well. Anyway — I had to have a few minutes today; reminding myself that no matter how evil, how defiled it may really be….

I detest having these thoughts when not long ago news of such travesty made me turn to prayers for these souls, not feeling like a conspiracy theorist against my own. Unfortunately… I have run too far down the rabbit hole to suspect that, yes — Dear Alice — anything is completely possible. Those days it was much easier to move about the zoo.

These days — My prayers are more in earnest for we are in seriously deep quagmire. GK — I read it on the Fox website and the very last few lines said she was not part of a gang, but the other 12 or so people she was hanging with were gang related. She should have picked her friends a little better. Satori, One Second After seered that in my mind. Kitty food is always on the list to keep stockpiling.

How do you keep it form going rancid? Store bought dog food, because of the fat content has a somewhat short shelf life. It can actually spoil even if sealed. They sit and stare at me until they are fed. Here in the south, we eat grits. Its a cheap item and filling. I have had to use some of these items. I have a husband with Alzheimer and an adult son with a lung problem that lives here.

The co-pays for the son is taking a lot of the money as he constantly having tests, shots, treatments and visits to doctors. Something breaking down all the time. I do have some gold and silver and trying to hold on to it. Grandma, Best wishes to ya…it looks like you have a couple of challenges. I hear they make us stronger. My truck is 13 years old and is still holding up well. My truck is with nearly k miles, it is just about ready to fall into pieces on the side of the road.

Just missed the tornato yesterday. Kindle, my car is a , so 13 years old also. Its been sitting up for a few years.

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