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Men's 2XU® Elite MCS Compression Tights G Your run apparel is as important as your running shoes. The MCS Run Compression range has been developed with a detailed understanding of the impact running has on the leg.

Chat Now They just want to sex: Nothing hotter than a guy who is an exhibitionist that wears a nice white speedo to the beach or pool especially if the speedo is unlined I just wish athletic things were made for men.

Nov 29,  · I think there are tights guys and non-tights guys. Take my husband, for example never EVER EVER will wear tights, not over his dead body, not even with the view-protection of shorts over them. He's a sweatpants man.
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Designed for any man who’s serious about running, these Karrimor Tights utilize tight-fitting construction for warmth and freedom of movement and add a zippered pocket to the back.
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My Account Back Account Details. Running Tights 62 products. Discount High To Low. Price Low To High. Price High To Low. Brand A To Z. Brand Z To A. Karrimor Run Tights Mens. S, M, L, XL. Karrimor X Running Tights Mens. Karrimor Xlite Running Tights Mens. Puma Energy Tech Tights Mens. New Balance Impact Tights Mens. Is this a normal thing? Do other joggers do this? I dont think i would have the courage to just go out jogging in public wearing nothing but tights and a vest!

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? As odd as it does seem, yes it is normal to use either tights or pantyhose to maintain warmth while running. I have told my male athletes before that if they couldn't afford a pair of running tights then pantyhose would be the next best option.

I'm sure some runners would disagree but when it is a choice between freezing on the run or looking foolish we will always choose to look a bit foolish. This Site Might Help You. In the early hours of this morning my boyfriend went out for a jog, trying to get fit for the summer and I've been enjoying pantyhose since I was just 13 years old and now I'm Yes I wear them in public. I see no reason to hide it and girls wear whatever they want, including guy jeans or other articles of clothing.

When I tried it, Lisa told me I looked dorky with shorts over tights — and that is the only opinion I need. As I noted before, my first run in tights was just after Christmas , and it was quite a leap outside of my comfort zone to even wear them.

As mentioned, throughout I ran with pants over tights when temperatures got too cold, and kept warm as a result. But for F wind chills or air temperatures? Then I needed more. So when I talk about my layering strategy for the bottoms at , it comes down to compression socks, Under Armour shorts and Extreme Coldgear Infrared tights.

And that is it. Nothing else — and I have yet to feel cold anywhere but my hands! What do you think about men in running tights?

And for men — what is your strategy? Have you struggled with wind and cold? I like men in running tights! And in that case cold weather I guess pants would be the choice to wear over tights, and not shorts which hardly provide extra protection.

I agree with you — TMI. I have definitely been lucky finding tights that fit great and run well. Equal Rights go both ways. But just ones own comfort and pleases in exercising choice. But you mind set is very prejudice and sad! I have a similar debate with myself in the opposite direction-summertime running. I agree — I think we need to do what works best for us in terms of working out, not what we think will work for others who might be watching us pass!

My husband always wears running tights especially in the winter. I think it all depends on what type of tight you are wearing. Some are better than others — I have found that Brooks, Mizuno and some of the other running brands have really good mens running tights. Most of his friends wear them as well so I think they are OK for guys as long as you pick the ones made for running.

I also am very self conscious when I do it but after I get going it is so worth it. My thing is — wear what you feel comfortable in! It is amazing how comfortable I am with a single layer over my knees and barely more over my entire lower half.

I have been running with compression shorts under tights for several years. It serves the purpose of protecting things from wind chills and providing a bit more modesty, along with protection from chaffing, which happens in running with out compression shorts for me.

For a while I wore short over the top for modesty and then decided, what is the big deal and why bother with the extra laundry. Now I just use compression under my running tights. Works for me and it seems to work for you: I am thrilled with how it works for me this winter not thrilled with this winter, though! So, I am a gal, but I think the men in tights debate is simply ridiculous! If TNT is more comfortable, wear them! I much prefer that, as a matter of taste, too shorts that are too short on either sex!

I realized I should clarify my comment — I completely understand why someone would debate wearing running tights — but making a comment because someone else did.

Short version of the story: IMO to each his own. Cover up, compress to invisibility, show it to the whole world. For my own experience, this is the first winter I took running seriously, and therefore invested in some tights. When I first got them I was both intrigued and appalled at my reflection in the mirror. After some pondering, I came to the conclusion that this is a functional garment, not a fashion statement. After a few months of experimentation, I ended up with compression shorts as the base layer, for comfort and function, independent of appearance.

I just like the way it feels better. None of my tights feel right front and back without something underneath to organize how everything aligns. I am not a fan of putting shorts over tights because I think it looks ridiculous, but really, my motto is, whatever works for you is cool. I love wearing my leggings year round. I do wear large sweatshirts or tee shirts for decency!

But, i just the love the comfort of wearing my leggings for comfort and pleasure. Plus, I hate the cutting feelings of blue jeans! Thank You for you for wise words.

You have restored my faith. Thanks Mark — interesting idea. Will have to check that out this winter approaching way too fast! I wear thongs for men to run. I just wish athletic things were made for men. Not wearing anything is too out there for me and also I often stop by at someplace to eat or buy something. And wearing my own undies would reveal the shape. Is it comfortable for you guys? If yes, I might buy a pair or two at a sample sale nearby. I definitely think that going with some athletic compression underwear is the way to go.

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