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As undergarments, these trousers became briefer or longer as the length of the various medieval outer garments changed, and were met by, and usually attached to, another garment variously called hose or stockings. Crimsoune Club Casual Trouser. As this practice of wearing trousers became more widespread and as the men's clothing wore out, replacements were needed. Studio Nyx Formal Trouser.

About Men's Pants. Whatever style of men’s pants you’re shopping for—from comfortable sweats, rugged utility pants, cargo pants, jeans, chinos and wrinkle-free dress khakis—your Original Outdoor Outfitter® is the best place to begin.
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About Men's Pants. Whatever style of men’s pants you’re shopping for—from comfortable sweats, rugged utility pants, cargo pants, jeans, chinos and wrinkle-free dress khakis—your Original Outdoor Outfitter® is the best place to begin.

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Am I able to set up sub-accounts within my Shipping Pass subscription for family and friends? Shipping Pass Want to get your items fast without the pricey shipping fees? Report your issue Only associates can see this. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Tim 4, 51 Added AmE tag because to me "pants" definitely does not mean the same as "trousers"!

More important to me than the reference of each of these word is the users. In decades of life as a native English speaker, living in multiple countries that speak English, I don't think I've ever heard anyone outside of those three categories use those two words. My mom talks about "slacks" and "trousers".

I just call everything "pants" and I'm done with it. It's all pants all the way. In my experience in American English, "trousers" is seldom used unless it is an affectation of some kind. Tim In British English, "pants" is short for "underpants. An excert from here: Daniel 3 7. Isn't it neat how usage varies? Personally, I would call suit pants slacks if worn without the jacket I've never heard suit pants called slacks.

What part of the US do you live in? Brandon I generally wouldn't say slacks as the term is more of an occasional term used by my elders But if I did I would only mean suit pants in the sense of the kind of pants that may be paired with a suit jacket.

For your information, I was raised in a suburb of Chicago. As I understand "suit", the jacket and pants always come together. If you pair the jacket with pants of a non-identical material, then it's not a suit again, as I've always heard the term used, and had it explained to me when I've asked for fashion advice.

FumbleFingers k 30 Google does something curious if you search for "men's slacks". In the UK, pants just means what Americans call underpants. I'm surprised by your mention of "slacks". I haven't heard that word used in the UK, at all. It seems to be an American English word. I saw two peaks in AmE and no hits at all in BrE. Mitch It counts pants as hits for slacks. I found that curious.

I didn't intend to give the impression that "slacks" is "US-only" terminology. I meant that it seems to be an American English word, at least in origin and most of its use. That's because, in all my decades, I can't think of even one example of hearing "slacks" used in the UK. See ngram below which is probably book references only slacks - The next fairly broad term, covering all but work clothes or jeans.

Men's slacks are where you find men's dress pants in a department store. Men's Furnishings is where you find "pants" in Nordstrom, a popular American department store. In Men's Clothing, one finds "dress trousers". So not all stores are the same. In Macy's, one of the largest department stores in the US, one subcategory in Men's is pants. There is also a Suit Separates subcategory where, a quick review, finds the bottoms referred to as pants across several brands. Brooks Brothers, a more classic men's store, lists casual pants and dress trousers as categories.

That AE definition for slacks is outrageous. Do a google image search for slacks. Do those look informal? You might wear jeans to work, in which case those images would look formal. But in a suit-and-tie office, slacks would be decidedly informal. I think even the idea that a suit is formal is a recent notion. AFAIK "formal wear" once meant a tuxedo. If you look at depression-era pictures you can often find impoverished men in a three-piece suit, dingy and worn out though it may be.

DanielCook Wear what you like. Technically you are not wearing a suit when you do that, though, as a suit is a jacket and trousers cut from the same cloth.

When your jacket and slacks don't match, they may be stylish, but you're not wearing a suit. If ladies were present, only a full dress suit "white tie" would be formal enough. Nowadays white tie is a rarity even among the ruling classes, and black tie a tuxedo is as formal as you're likely to see.

Robert Jeantet 21 1. Tristan 2, 10 7. I have never heard of slacks, but guessing they would be loose clothing. Trousers are smart and formal, you would not call the lower half of your addias track suit "jogging trousers" If its raining I put on waterproof pants. I do not use the term slacks. I now live in the South of England; it seems the southern English are pretty much on their own on this subject. The rest of the world seems to say it in the American sense.

I think it maybe a historic class issue. This definition seems to exist only in American English. An outer garment covering the body from the waist to the ankles, with a separate part for each leg. So it's similar to the US definition. Dominic Cronin 1, 6 Just love down-voters who don't comment. Sorry, I have downvoted because I think your answer is completely misleading.

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